December 17, 2017

Christmas Shipping and Cutting Taps

This time of year is busy, everywhere. Every year holiday sales grow with new business as well as repeat business. From what our customers tell us, once you give maple during the holidays your recipients will expect it under the tree or in the mail year after year after year. We are more than happy to supply everyone that wants it. I've been packing, taping, addressing and mailing tons of packages a day. My post master doesn't know whether to kiss me or hide when she sees me trying to get in the door of the post office.

The farmers' markets are no less busy even in the winter. We've been doing double time to keep up with all the candy, cream and sugar that is in demand. Even our retail resellers are placing orders more often. But alas, with 3 shipping days left the retail roar will quiet down.

While we enjoy all of the consumer attention we are ready to go full steam into the woods. This is the beginning of the season for us. The firsts things we do once we get a hard frost is to cut last years taps from the drop lines. The taps were pulled from the trees last spring once sugaring was completed but we leave the taps on the end of the tubing to keep moths and other bugs from making their home in the ends of the tubes. Once all 6000 taps are cut we make repairs, cut fallen trees off of the lines, flush the entire tubing system with water and update infrastructure where it is needed. 

Amy McKinnonComment